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  • Category: Healthcare Application
  • Developer: Xeen Networks
  • Project date: 01 March, 2020
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ACEMedical is designed as a software designed to use in a hospital setup. Its main goal is to computerize the whole operations of a small to medium hospital with allowance of customization to fit the different needs that different hospitals might need in their day to day operations. ACE Medical was developed to serve the needs of many hospitals that needed customizable medical system. In addition, most off-the shelf systems are difficult to get support when needed since most of them are developed outside Kenya. This brought about the need to have a medical software developed locally to fit the Kenyan Health system and payments as well as ease of access to support services when needed.

Design Features

ACEMedical is designed with users in mind. It is designed to ensure easy learning and usage with all uses expected to use it. Some of the design features include:

  • User Friendliness: This ensures that no matter the type of the devices(i.e desktop, lapotp, tablet or smartphone) the user accesses the website with, the website will adapt to the screen size and display clearly without problems or need to scroll sideways.
  • Simplicity: With the rising Cybersecutiry threats, we ensure that we develoop websites that are secure to ensure safety of any data that could be present on the website database.
  • Responsiveness Xeen Networks ensures that all the websites developed are up to standard in order to ensure that they are mainainable over a long period of time. Documentation is also done whenever possible.
  • Standards conformity: We ensure we charge our clients faily. We also ensure that we use Opensource technologies whenever possible in order to reduce hosting charges for the client.
  • Security: We ensure we charge our clients faily. We also ensure that we use Opensource technologies whenever possible in order to reduce hosting charges for the client.


The current version of ACEMedical supports the following functions:
  • Staff data management- ACEMedical manages health facility staff(employees) information and grants them access to various system resources based on the staff role such as Admin, Doctor, Nurse, Receptionist, Cashier and Pharmacist. It logs all user activities for security and accountability purposes.
  • Patient data management- ACEMedical stores patients details such as name, age, telephone number, address, city and estate, insurance among others. Each patient also have a unique ID to uniquely identify each patient.
  • Pharmaceutical Information- The system supports all the hospital pharmaceutical inventory. It also keeps track of prescriptions administered to patients as well as drugs sold through the pharmacy. In addition ACEMedical has the capability of storing orders and suppliers information.
  • Medical data- ACEMedical stores patient registration data, appointments, general consultation, laboratory results, and drugs prescription data that is retrieved at any time on user demand.
  • SMS notifications- In order to cater for the ease of communicating with registered patients, ACEMedical system allows the use of an optional SMS feature where the hospital management can send various types of information to registered patients. Such information appointment reminders, clinic reminders e.t.c.
  • Reports- ACEMedical provides various kind of reports such as payment, drugs inventory, patient profile, laboratory reports, M-Pesa statement among others.

With its simplicity and security, ACEMedical also very customizable. Upon purchase, the developers are ready to assist in customizing the system so that it can completely meet your institutions usage needs. Xeen Networks also releases updates frequently therefore, you can be sure you will be up to date with the latest features and improvement always.

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