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XeenPOS is a Point of Sale System that comes with great features to ensure that your business runs smoothly with all sales and stock management in place. It is targeted for use in retail and wholesale store dealing with products such as: Electronics, Beauty shops, agricultural products and hardwares.

It also integrates M-Pesa payment on request that make it easy for businesses to accept payments via mobile money. XeenPOS also provide store owners with access to various types of reports.

Design Features

Like all other software systems from Xeen Networks, XeenPOS is designed with user in mind to ensure ease of use and security in mind. The following are some of the design features of XeenPOs.

  • User Friendliness: XeenPOS is designed to ensure .
  • Simplicity: XeenPOS is made in a way that it is focused on the user. This means that apart from its elegant design, it is made to be as easy as possible for the users to learn and get used to it quite fast.
  • Responsiveness It is possible to run XeenPOS on different types of devices such as desktops, tablets, and smartphones. It can be run on browsers since it is a web app.
  • Customizable: Since the development of XeenPOS is inhouse, customers can request changes and customizations in different areas during purchase. This allows the users to have a custom feel and look of their choice.
  • Security: XeenPOS is designed with security in mind. Therefore it is made safe as possible for use without a lot of worries fo cyber threats. In addition, we release updates frequently and therefore you stay up to date.


The current version of XeenPOS supports the following functions:
  • Employee management- XeenPOS manages the users who are expected to user the system and classified in various roles. This include: cashier, manager, admin, and data entry clerk. Each user is assigned his/her roles to authorize what he/she can do and not do in the system.
  • Stock management- XeenPOS maintains a list of all stock available. It will warn you when stock of a certain product reaches a certain level. This makes it easier for store owners to be on alert and ensure products do not deplete in their stores.
  • Reports- In order for store owners to get details on how their businesses are progressing, XeenPOS allows users to generate various kinds of reports such as inventory level, sales reports, payment statement e.t.c.
  • Remote access- For users that have full time internet access in their stores, XeenPOS can be configured in order to allow store owners and managers to access the system even when travelling or are located far away from their store premises and see the business progress and generate reports.
  • SMS notifications- XeenPOS also comes with an optional SMS integration in cases where store owners need to communicate information to their customers.

Since its first release, XeenPOS has undergone numerous changes to ensure that it provides all the required services that a store owner who needs a reliable Point of Sales system for store management. Reach to us today via phone +254715320453 or email For purchase or Request Demo.

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