Software Development

Xeen Networks has undertaken various software development projects both for clients clients with special software needs to support their organization processes and operations. In addition, we have undertaken development of ready made software that clients in various fields can buy and use in their businesses with little or no customization needed.

In all our development processes, we ensure we keep the customer in mind to ensure that we deliver the expected product for all our clients. This calls for adherence to software development standards and ensure that we create a satisfactory software products to meed our clients needs.

We develop Desktop, Web and Mobile apps for various business needs. We ensure that all our software code is maintainable. We have undertaken projects in sectors such as:

  • Education sector
  • Healthcare sector
  • Financial sector
  • IT Services(Network Management)


Our recent software projects

ACEMedical Software

Manage all hospital setup operations including payments, consultation and laboratory processes.

XeenPOS Software

Excellent POS software for use in retail outlets such as electronics, hardwares beauty products etc.

XEEN ISP Framework

Poweful Network management system based on RADIUS server for network management.

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