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More and more people are getting to connect to the Internet. This is great news for any business that needs to get known and increase its market online. In order to reach to this online community, a website is needed so that people can get to know more about your business products and or services. A website provides the first step for people to know about your company.

In addition, depending on the nature of the business, a website can also enable a user to get contact information as well as request quotes for your products and services. A website can also be used to enhance communication with yor clients by provision of facilities such as portals where they can log in to place orders, generate invoices and receipts and much more. Some more sophisticated websites include:

  • E-learing systems that use videos, textual notes and audio to deliver learning content to learners
  • Organization CRM systems
  • Video streaming and realtime chat systems

We develop websites using the latest technologies. We ensure that ours sites are user friendly and communicate the organization image to the outside world as per the client needs. Particularly, we ensure that the sites are:

  • Responsive: This ensures that no matter the type of the devices(i.e desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone) the user accesses the website with, the website will adapt to the screen size and display clearly without problems or need to scroll sideways.
  • Secure: With the rising Cybersecutiry threats, we ensure that we develop websites that are secure to ensure safety of any data that could be present on the website database.
  • Maintainable Xeen Networks ensures that all the websites developed are up to standard in order to ensure that they are mainainable over a long period of time. Documentation is also done whenever possible.
  • Pocket Friendly Cost: We ensure we charge our clients faily. We also ensure that we use Opensource technologies whenever possible in order to reduce hosting charges for the client.

Additional Services

Besides website development We provide the following additional services:

Website Maintenance

Content updates and security management for existing websites for our clients.

Social Media Integration

Integration of social media sites and statistics on website for easier communication with your customers

SMS Itegration

Integrating Bulk SMS services to client websites and web apps to ensure timely for periodic and adhoc messaging.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO services to make your website more visible to users by appering higher on serch engine results such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

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